Heat Treatment Specialists

Our heat treatment division, Assured Thermal Solutions focuses on bed bug control and the precise application of heat to destroy bed bug eggs, adults and nymphs.

We have experience with literally thousands of homes since the start of the global bed bug resurgence. We know bed bugs!

We know that heat is the best solution to the bed bug epidemic and we use a variety of heat treatment systems in combination with our experience and knowledge to make sure each problem is solved properly and safely. If you want to be really sure the bed bugs are all gone, in just one visit, we will bring the heat!

We also do “traditional” bed bug treatments, but we do not just rely on pesticides.  We use targeted vacuuming, steamers, Cryonite and a variety of traps, bed bug proof encasements, and organic dessicant dusts, and we will use a residual “spray” product as well.  We use what is appropriate and effective for the particular problem.  Bed bugs can be controlled through these measures when the problem is small, detected early and the preparations and cooperation of residents is excellent.

We will go anywhere in BC for heat treatments

if you need us,

Assured Thermal will get there.

Visit www.assuredthermal.com for more details.

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