DNA Testing for Bed Bugs Available in Vancouver!

May 16, 2011 Latest Updates by Brett Johnston

Confirming you have bed bugs can sometimes be one of the hardest parts of managing an infestation. 

Assured Thermal Solutions is proud to announce that we can now offer DNA testing for the presence of bed bugs!  With recent scientific advances DNA testing for bed bugs has become fast, easy and scientifically verifiable. 

With a DNA test we no longer need to rely on a visual insection, or a hotel guest or apartment resident to report bed bugs.  And while canine inspections continue to be useful they are not widely available and more evidence is pointing to their shortcomings as well.  Bed bug DNA tests are simple - we swab the suspected areas, seal the test swabs in a labelled transport tube and send them to the lab.  Results are available as quickly as 24 hours later.

Bed bug DNA testing is a great new tool that will help to confirm or deny the previous existence of bed bugs anywhere you swab.  This test does have limitations - it will not find current problems or pinpoint the precise locations of a current batch of bed bugs, nor will it confirm whether or not control efforts have been successful.  Once bed bugs have been in a room, there will be DNA present which will be detected by the test.

The Bed Bug DNA test is best used as part of a proactive early warning system, or to quickly and inexspensively confirm whether or not bed bugs are in rooms surrounding those already known to be infested.

Assured Thermal Soluitions is proud to be able to bring this service to Vancouver residents, and congratulates the inventors of the test on a great innovation.

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