Welcome to Assured Environmental Solutions

June 13, 2011 Latest Updates by Brett Johnston

Welcome to Assured Environmental Solutions!

We provide professional integrated pest management solutions throughout Metro Vancouver and the Fraser Valley. From homes and Strata properties, hotels to industrial food processing plants, we do it all! We provide services for a wide varieity of pests including rats, mice, cockroaches, silverfish, ants (including pharaoh ants and carpenter ants), spiders, wasps and more.  Environmentally responsible pest management with excellent service and great advice, we believe everyone deserves a pest free environment!

We are bed bug specialists! Assured Thermal Solutions, a division of Assured Environmental Solutions, is devoted entirely to bed bugs. Our staff have over 20 years of pest managment experience and have dealt with thousands of bed bug infestations since their resurgence.  We have used every pesticide and other treatment option available and we know that heat is the best.

Heat is the achilles heel of the bed bug. Heat treatments kill all stages of bed bugs - including their eggs, in one service using no chemicals.  Pesticide applications take at least two visits, an absolutely crushing amount of work to prepare for, and they may not eliminate the problem.

We look forward to providing solutions to your pest problems!

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