Carpenter Ants Love Spring

April 09, 2012 Latest Updates by Brett Johnston

Ahh springtime ... birds chirping, sun shining (finally!) and carpenter ant swarmers flying. If you are unfortunate enough to have a carpenter ant nest established inside your home, you may be witness to the annual spring emergence of winged carpenter ants flying en masse into your living space.

What happens is this - mature colonies of ants produce winged reproductive stages which overwinter inside a protected nest, then when the weather warms up in the spring the winged ants emerge, sometimes in huge numbers, to fly out and mate during flite then expand their population.  When the carpenter ants are flying, it literally means love is in the air! If this happens inside your home, don't panic - the winged ants can be sucked up by a vacuum, and most of them die naturally anyway - their job is simply to mate, and only the successfully mated female ants survive for more than a week or so.

The problem ants are not actually the winged ones. In fact, all ant species produce a winged stage whose job is simply to reproduce.  It is the workers that do the damage, and the queen (or queens, as some ant species have multiple queens!) which keeps producing more workers.  The winged ants are simply a sign that the ants are there and you need to act.

So if you do find winged ants emerging inside your home in the springtime, it means there is a nest inside your home.  And if there is a nest inside your home, it means there may well be more than one nest site, and there may also be some moisture damage inside the structure. All in all, this is a good indication that you need an inspection and assessment (don't worry, these are free) to find out what you are up against, what remedial measures you should take, and what it will cost.

Assured Environmental Solutions provides carpenter ant control services throughout the Metro Vancouver and Fraser Valley, and we would be happy to visit your property and provide a free estimate for carpenter ant control.

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