Pharaoh Ants

Pharaoh ants are very small ants (about 2mm) yellowish or light brown to reddish in color. While they can be found in any area of a house or apartment with warmth and humidity, they are usually in the kitchen and bathroom. Pharaoh ants typically trail behind baseboards, cabinets and in walls along pipes and electrical wires. Because of their tiny size and behavior, they may go unnoticed by residents and can therefore have a significant population and multiple nesting sites before treatment begins. Pharaoh ant colonies often have multiple satellite coloinies that are created by "budding". Budding can be caused by treating these ants with insecticidal sprays or even from the use of harsh chemicals or cleaners.

In a commercial or institutional setting, they are found in similar areas - kitchens, laundry facilities, sinks, heating ducts, etc. They can be particularly troublesome in a hospital or care facility where they can get into "sterilized" equipment and sensitive areas.

Pharaoh ants can be very difficult to eliminate, especially if they are well established in a multi-unit complex. Baits are the only effective method for control and elimination of this ant species.

If you have pharaoh ants, it is important that you do not spray them or the areas they are frequenting with insecticides or harsh cleaners. Sanitiation also plays a key role by limiting competing food sources.

If you suspect you have pharaoh ants, it is vital to have the ant identified correctly and treated appropriately so the problem is not made worse.

Pharaoh ants are considered to be one of the hardest ant species to control successfully, but we have no problems with them.

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