Bed Bug Proof Covers (Encasements)

The box spring and mattress are the preferred harbourage of the bed bug because it is so close to the stationary food source (that’s you!).  The box spring is where we find bed bugs the most so this is the most important area to protect, followed by the actual mattress.

How they work

Certified bed bug proof mattress and box spring encasements trap existing bugs inside (and don't let them out), and prevent newly introduced bugs from getting inside these critical areas.  Because encasements are white and have no piping or hiding spots on the outside, any newly introduced bugs are very easy to see and can be physically removed.

Should you get rid of your mattress?

Bed bug infestations are not limited to the bed but the bed is the preferred harbourage. Some people dispose of their beds in the hopes of eliminating their bed bugs. Unfortunately, while it may reduce the levels, it will not completely eliminate the problem. Infested beds do not need to be disposed of, encasements can used to trap and kill any bed bug in the matress and boxspring and prevent other bed bugs from using those areas.

If you choose to discard your bed, consider encasements to protect your new bed from becoming infested. You may also want to consider ClimbUp interceptor traps. Also, if you discard your mattress or box spring, consider how you will move and transport the items out of your home to avoid having bed bugs fall off and being spread to other areas.

Using Encasements

When using encasements it is important to remember that they will be effective as long as it is free of rips and tears. Protect the box spring encasement from catching or snagging on the bed frame (felt pads along sharp areas may help). Encasements should be left on at all times - do not remove them to launder. Consider the encasement to be the like the surface of the mattress.

 Eliminate the bed bugs preferred harbourage 

Protect your beds from re-infestation 

Make it easy to spot bed bugs early

All without using any pesticides!

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(And please make sure you know your mattress size and depth first so we can send you the right one)

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