Commercial Pest Control Services

Do you manage a downtown office tower, a strip mall in the suburbs, a mixed condo-retail complex, a big box mall or traditional shopping centre? Perhaps a hotel or restaurant chain, a food distribution warehouse or a complex food production facility?

Regardless of your particular industry we have the experience to tailor an Integrated Pest Management program that supports your goals and protects your brand and your budget.

We will enhance your ability to be competitive and profitable by helping you to focus on what you do best and leaving the pest control worries to us. We will provide those services you feel are most important to your facility, not a grab bag of products and services you don’t need.

We provide environmentally responsible programs to all of our clients and we can specifically meet your needs if you are pursuing LEED Certification, BOMA Best, HACCP compliance, Organic and Green Certification, as well as Third Party Audit ready management programs.

Our Integrated Pest Management Programs all utilize...

Pest knowledge – Their proper identification, their habits, their needs for food and water and space and harbourage. Then we use this information to eliminate and prevent pest problems.

Ongoing Monitoring – Regular inspections, the use of monitoring tools (traps of all kinds, plus various baits), to establish a baseline on the pest history at your property. We pay attention to how the pest pressures facing you changes over time seasonally and adjust your program accordingly.

Communication – There are often simple maintenance, sanitation, and landscaping changes that can not only greatly reduce the pest pressures around your property, but therefore also reduce the need to apply pesticides.

Least toxic and low impact controls – When control tools need to be used, we use mechanical traps, physical controls (vacuums, steamers), habitat modification (pest proofing via sealing and caulking, copper mesh, hardware cloth), insect baits instead of sprays, organic dusts, etc. We choose what is safe, effective and with a low impact on people, pets and the environment first.

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