Bugs, Bugs, and More Bugs!

We can eliminate, prevent and control any and all of the following. Check out our other pages for more specific pest information, or just give us a call at 604-463-0007!

Carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and the many other varieties of ants we encounter in Metro Vancouver.

Wasps, hornets and bees, including swarming honey bees.

Bed bugs - we are bed bug specialists - check out our heat treatment division for everything related to bed bugs.

Silverfish and firebrats are very common in apartment buildings, they love paper and cardboard (they feed on it and hide in it), and they love warmth and moisture.

Cockroaches - these have a definite yuck factor and they used to be common pest of apartments, but they are now mostly an issue in restaurants.

Fleas, mites and ticks.  There are a variety of these biting insects, most of which feed on other animals as a preferred host, and then sometimes bite humans as well.

Flies of all kinds - the small annoying species such as fruit flies, fungus gnats, and 0phorid flies, plus the larger offenders such as the shiny mettalic blow and bottle flies, house flies, and cluster flies.

Food infesting beetles and moths such as the Indian Meal Moth, Merchant and Sawtooth Grain beetles, Flour beetles and many more.

Fabric infesting pests such as the Webbing and Case Making Clothes moths, plus the Black and Varied Carpet Beetle.

Occasional invaders are those which prefer to be outside but sometimes come into our homes such as spiders, lady bugs, cluster flies, clover mites, sowbugs, centipedes, strawberry root weevils, ground beetles, seed bugs, and more.

If you don't see your particular insect pest listed, chances are good we have encountered it and we can solve it too, so just give us a call!

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